Xenon and her atomic friends are dedicated to providing free, engaging, digital learning in STEAM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math).

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Wants to Know Everything About STEAM ed. - Especially Chemistry!

Xenon's YouTube Content can be found at https://www.youtube.com/@xenonandfriends 

Xenon is forever looking for ideas for video topics and other free content she can share with STEAM educators and learners. Share your ideas with her!

Our YouTube Topic List Keeps Expanding. 
A Sampling:

Stoichiometry, Mole Ratios, Limiting and Excess Reactants

Periodic Table and Valence Electrons Explained

Atomic Bonding (Covalent, Ionic, Metallic and More)

Radioactivity (alpha, beta, and gamma rays)

Isotopes & Atomic Mass


Other topics in the seedling or blossom stage include:

    Expected late summer, 2023


- Chemical vs Physical Change          - Gasses

- Balancing chem equations              - Thermochemistry

- Chem symbols and formulas          - Kinetics

- Measurements                                  - Equilibrium

- Conservation of mass                      - Entropy and Free Energy

- Nomenclature                                   - and more!


Xenon understands that schools. educators, and learners are often scrambling to find high-quality, free digital resources

Xenon would like to highlight some of these resources - not just the crazy stuff from her imagination, but others' amazing efforts. These include free digital labs, slide decks, videos, and other content. 

Does Laughter Increase Learning? 
Of course!

Tons of research (see sample links, left) points to connections between giggles, engagement, and overall knowledge retention. Xenon presents introductory YouTube chemistry content in short chunks (not everyone's attention span is longer than nine minutes) that are funny and plot driven to increase engagement. While her content is ideal for introducing chemistry topics to high-school learners, it's also appropriate for beginning college-chem students as well as advanced middle-school physical science classes.





Meet our Talented Team!

Xenon's friends include every atom from the periodic table as well as professional (and sometimes rising-star) actors, musicians, artists and animators.

Xenon and Friends

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